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Just a bit of rage..

I have been reading a lot about the war in Iraq and Viet Nam lately and have found myself becoming more and more angry.

I am angry that Our Leadership, put in place by 48% of the population, is repeating the Same Mistakes made over 30 years ago in an armpit asian country called Viet Nam.

Angry that the very bastards who wage this war, Didn't Even Serve.

Angry that the economy is eating a steamy helping of Doo so that we can go and senselessly murder our own young people by putting them in harm's way, for NO CAUSE at ALL!

Angry, that even worse, we kill CIVILLIANS, or enable their killing by our very presence, through the hands of terrorists who hate us for butting in.

And above all, my father was in Viet Nam, and knows, as do most of those unfortunate enough to have thought they were doing the right thing when in reality were getting the stinky end of the stick, that Viet Nam was a mistake. a mistake of astrophenominal proportions. and now, they are being made to finance ANOTHER ONE!! Potentially at the expense of their social security benefits, that their generation has been paying for for over 35 years and that their parents paid for for 60+ beyond that.

I feel that our parents are being financially raped for this inarticulate boob of a president and his corrupted cronies.

I believe that our grandparents, the greatest generation, (and indeed they are!) are being cornholed by a mack truck so this jackweed can go destroy things to make up for his marked penile insufficiency.

If the lot of them got violently run down by a coked up driver in a greyhound bus tomorrow while giving another bullshit self masturbatory "irack is naw a deemocracy and jes had ther first election it was worthit, really it was.." or "were fahtin tarr'rists if y' dont s'port us, yer AGAINST US" or "GAAAAWD is on ahr SAAAD!" speech, the only tears i'd shed would be tears of sensory overloading joy!

I imagine that Dubya has removed all mirrors from his living area so he doesnt have to look himself in the mirror. Dick Cheney probably doesnt care one way or the other because he is so evil and depraved, he probably sees only his empty clothes and doesnt even show up in a mirror!!!

i sincerely hope that the jailer at the Hague Penitentiary keeps a cold cell ready for them all when sensible people take power again, and I hope Lucifer Himself stokes up a hot corner of Hell for when they finally realize the magnitude of their inhumanity and kill themselves. He can have the celebrity seating right next to Hitler and the past leadership of Bob Jones University!

May they Rot in Torment for all eternity in the Hell that they all believe is real.

Or better yet, may they slip unceremoniously into the blackness that is NOTHING!
when they die, they simply cease to exist!

At any rate, may the diseased fleas of a thousand camels infest their hairy areas!

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