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I showed my friends in Indy Goodfellas.. One didnt like it, the other one liked it to an extent.. But both can now claim to have seen a mob movie :)

There were times when even the disliker was busting up tho, and both liked the voiceover commentary by Liotta - 'When we needed money we robbed the airport... to us it was better than CitiBank' and when Hill pistol whipped the tennis punk in the driveway ala Denis Leary's skit clip about the virgin mother coming down and " you like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas"

everyone jumped when Tommy got whacked and LOLed when they all went to the hooscow for MOBing, and did the Italian thing.. they ATE PASTA! Too funny!


I just rediscovered my blahness with giant robot anime... G Gundam.. :) LOL....

Anyone care for an omelette du fromage ^_~