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Brain Powerd

brain powerd. acquired it. watched it. loved it.

kanno yoko is pure aural genius. Art direction by director of his and her circumstances, brilliant! Aside from ghibli, best redheaded anime character design ever put to acetate (or whatever they put cels on ^_^` ). sorry nene youve been raped, pillaged, and sacked, romanov-style! funny/coinkidink your name is romanova, almost pre-destined to be tragically cast aside, like the other bearers of that name.. gomen-nasai.. kei unfortunately has been bumped off as well :'( . Giant robots that actively advance the story rather than just wave their arms about and say WOOK AT MEE im a GIANT ROBOT RARRRRR AHHHgundamCHOOO :/ (of course miyazaki-sama's GRs pioneered this concept of plot laden giant robots.. LOL )! More to follow..


Piece of crap Rove

...needs to find his way to the bottom of a mk77-made burning hole and survive long enough to be fried in ol sparky!! i think hes about the only one i can think of thats a bigger crook than the rest of the stupid idiotic dubyaites. Mr Rove is a very good argument for the re-instatement of the chair as a method of execution. use the Chair and a Dry Sponge!!!! BGGZZZZHZBZBGGZGGZGZZZGHGZZGGGGGGZZZZZZZZTTTT!!!!!11

Rot in hell you evil bastard real life version of Emperor Palpitine. lying sack of beetle infested wildebeest sh1t!

nuff said.


holy shizbot!!!

Lately I've been posting like someone lit my a$$ on fire LOLOLOL

euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby

This is an example of Rank Chridiocy in action....
From IMDB Review Forums on M.D.B..

Posting Thread - Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby

Original Chridiot Poster withheld to protect MY conscience and honor. want to know who actually said it? join IMDB for free and read this thread there.
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This movie was mediocre at best. The hollywood liberals picked this movie because Clint killed her in the end. If Clint's character would have made another decision, this movie wouldn't have won the Oscar.

Euthanasia is a selfish practice. All it does is make the person doing the killing feel good about his/her actions. No more hospital visits or hospital bills for the killer. Should we encourage those with a mental illness to commit suicide? I have a friend who is schizophrenic, and he hasn't been himself for years. If he was to ask me to shoot him or stick him with a needle and kill him, I would say no way. This would be murder and the same thing Clint's character did in the movie. How is euthanasia different from suicide? Liberals are always trying to change things to make people feel better about things like this. If your pro-abortion, your pro-choice. The last thing that liberals want to give you is a choice. They change homosexuality to gay, and now suicide to mercy killings. I'm glad the liberals lose election after election, this means that the majority of americans are not buying their socialist/communist agenda. Liberalism is dying a slow death as it should. Liberals want the government to control your lives. Senator Obama said that the democrats need to find their core values. It's not that the democrats need to find their core values, they have them. They know that if they tell people their core values, the democrats wouldn't win another election. If they told people their core values, they would scare the majority of people away. If people with cancer want you to kill them in the middle of chemo, should you do it? Scorsese was robbed of an oscar because of liberalism.

      Re: Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby
      by - someone 1 day ago (Thu Jul 14 2005 01:57:50 )
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      "I have a friend who is schizophrenic, and he hasn't been himself for years."
      Absolutely hilarious!!
      Thanks for that.
      Re: Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby
      by - someone else 2 hours ago (Fri Jul 15 2005 06:03:41 )
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      "The hollywood liberals picked this movie because Clint killed her in the end." u are so stupid....
      Re: Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby
      by - some person 2 hours ago (Fri Jul 15 2005 06:35:21 )
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      Actually they portray it as being an extremely difficult decision for Clint's character, and it's
      clear that he didn't do it to make things easier for him, but for her.
      Re: Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby
      by - mrinvader 1 minute ago (Fri Jul 15 2005 08:58:09 )
      This guy is so out of touch with reality that im not even going to respond.. ya know not everything can
      be as clean and trite as the Waltons..
      G'night, Johnboy, and enjoy your silly theocracy.


oh god no

Please please say this isnt true.. please..

Our esteemed military leadership is now admitting to the use of napalm-alikes in Iraq

I have seen too much about the effects of napalm..

see Grave of the Fireflies for Takahata Isao's rendition of a novel about two children who lose their mother to firebombs, and ultimately their lives, to ww2.

see Kim Phuc Phan Thi for another example.

there is no punishment strong enough for these evil nazi bastards in power now. the Christian Hell would be a pleasant vacation spot for these people..

but i at least can take solace in the fact that I DID NOT put these people in power and campaigned loudly and at great risk to my social standing that this group should not be re-elected..

god i hope my dad doesnt find this article.. oops too late, he reads my blog :( sorry dad.

Please people, Please vote your CONSCIENCE not what th' cherch tells ya. How could any person who even KNOWS of the passages "thou shalt not kill" and "thou shalt not bear false witness" even think of being party to those who would commit these atrocities.

this is simply murder. premeditated cold blooded murder. may you rot in the place that residents of hell, consider to be hell. and may there be NO mercy on your black ichor spilling souls.

I cant think of anything ... wow im at a loss for words


Viewtiful Joe OP/ED

OMG im like grabbed by the nose and dragged into a SaGa induced bounce! my trip is being aided by the right 'onorable Earl of Grey on ice `XB

Mood: Bouncing off the FReakin WallS!

Wish: Konoha would call me and BS for a while :)


howl's moving castle

I dont know what to say about this except.. WOW! i was blown away yet again by the absolute finest eye candy ever to grace the silver screen...

Hauru no ugoku shiro(Howl's Moving Castle)

Usually Ebert is pretty good at calling a good movie.. but this time i will call it myself. He gave a lukewarm review of this one but i would give a frippth frippth frippth boiling hot * * * * * review of this one.

And even to the reviewers who shredded it as 'Un Miyazaki', Your reviews are Appreciated and accepted, but.


you're high L(o)L, may i interest you in some rehab and detox?

This film is _Very_ Miyazaki, and I'd have it no other way. He has full and unrestricted license to do whatever the thptt he wants! Hehehe. and of course Howl is thpanking the UnCredibles... I couldnt see the film because of the guy's HUGE CHIN and Horrid character design. Poor Walt is prolly dancing a whirly-jig in his pine box!

But then i'm not a very constructive reviewer of Studio Ghibli/TAKAHATA Isao/MIYAZAKI Hayao's and all their talented contemporaries' work, as I have yet to see one that doesnt bury the needle and blow my freekin mind away, each time in a completely new way with just enough eau de Ghibli to ... well theirs are the only works in that genre that are even remotely cross-comparable, and arguably(by me at least and at length ^_^' ) across all motion picture genres.

un (Notable PAUSE) REAL!


Mr Eisner, Siddown and watch Just One of Ghibli's pre-production concept films, and behold more talent than your teams coould dream of mustering on their own. Sorry, thats just the fact from the world of invader. I will, FWIW, give you full honors and brownie points for having the good sense to hook up with Tokuma/Ghibli to distribute their inimitable skill and subtle panache to the mindless masses in this parched landscape of Mainstream American Cart'Teewns.

Oh and a very 'last but not least' heartfelt kudo to HISAISHI Jo, the revered composer/scorer of most ghiblies! The hair on the back of my neck knocks the hat off my head when his sublime soundscapes lovingly grace my ears! This one is not as forceful as say a fine vintage Mononoke or as joyous as an aromatic boquet of Mimi, but is placid and smooth as a fine summer afternoon in a hammock with a good book.

So Mr Ebert, Please.
Continue [doffed hat bow]!

and Mr Miyazaki
I am yet again and as always, Moved!