Public Service Announcement: DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER!!!! Definition: MySpace [Mai' thpathe] (pronounced with a lithp), N. - 1. A shrine to Terrible teener web programming, the worst M$ driven Web2.sl0 has to offer.


LIONS Boy!!!



...SHUDDUP BOY and Get me another longneck!!


Why use an alternative browser at your company(and yes, PLEASE DO!)??

If you need anecdotal evidence why Opera or other alternative browsers should be allowed to be installed and/or installed by blanket policy, I gots that too!

I'm the IT director for rapid appraisal, inc (, and I had a problem that was easily solved with Mozilla.. but this can be used to push _ANY_ alternative browser..

Two weeks ago a co-worker of mine accidentally clicked a link !off of! and, without confirmations or any notice whatsoever, infected our entire terminal server. 6hrs, a company-wide bitch-session, and a pot o' joe later, termsvr was clean and SANS-I.E.!! Any of our sites that require IE were created as shortcuts - "iexplore.exe http://foo/bar.asp".

I have now seen a 20% reduction in memory usage and a 60% reduction in CPU. IE is horribly inefficient. and also, popups are no longer an issue! yay!

oh and no relapses.

The infection pathogen was MySearch bar and it's outlook parasite, one of the harder bugs to get rid of.

all casual surfing and research in terminal services is now done using an alternative browser under penalties of i revoke their access if i catch anyone in IE for anything other than sites I've approved. and i watch histories.

There ya go, tell that to your it guy. If necessary hes more than welcome to email me via my blog.

blogger post bodies redux

GACK WTF?! why the hell arent my post bodies showing up when posted with opera anymore!!!??? SUCK S**t thru a Short Straw!!??!!

and i Refuse to not use opera.

I have found a workaround for the time being.. at the top of blogger sites there is usually a bar that allows you to search and has a button called BlogThis!. using the BlogThis button allows body and subject to post successfully.

Version 8.5
Build 1358
Platform Linux
System i686,
Qt library 3.3.4
Java Java Runtime Environment installed
Browser identification

Opera/8.5 (X11; Linux i686; U; en)


blogger post bodies

GACK WTF?! why the hell arent my post bodies showing up when posted with opera anymore!!!??? SUCK S**t thru a Short Straw!!??!!11


Briddes Roune

two of the three hold PhDs in scince related fields and the third was headed that way

Robin Snyder: Voice, Harp and arrangements
Ph.D. in statistical physics, June 2001.
Currently ass't professor of biology at Case Western Reserve University and was a postdoc researcher at UC Davis in the evolution and ecology section.

Robin Houston: Harp and Recorder
Ph.D. Veterinary parasitologist at UC Davis.

Kathryn Canan
B.S. in Biology

Yet another example of how the best science related people are almost invariably musicians or artists as well.. further confirming the concept, that at the pinnacle of ars et scientia, the two streams of consciousness merge perfectly.

Even language is a science and music is very mathematical.



tatu again

Preface: This opinion was formed long before i found out the bicurious controversy that they might be lesbians...

OMG these girls have lit a fire under the concept of 'pop''s dead ass!! not since the 80s has there been such powerful stuff. All that they call pop nowadays is just, well, lame background music.. i mean aside from select celine dion tracks, and what avril lavigne could be if she wasnt a milli vanilli fake.. granted avril is a big conflict for me.. i despise what she stands for but love her music.. shes a fraud and doesnt even play guitar for real.. but her tunes just lock with my brain.. and shes pure hot topic.. but i cant not listen and like..; she wouldnt know a THING about real punk. yet i cant stop listening to her stuff.. GRRR why cant her cds just suck black and whitely like bwitney thpeeohs (britney spears with a fwee yeah owd's lithp, overexaggerating stupid teenerism..) or trailer-Trashlee simpson who couldnt even arrange for the correct canned song to lip sync to (cant perform live to save her UV-Fried mall-cosmeticated skin - shes already got crows feet at ?! 21 !? ).

Now Julia and Elena, THEY can really sing and sing for real. i mean ' \ , , / \ , , / both-hands-in-the-air-must-not-be-able-to-hear-them-sing-live-anyway-'cause-the-crowd-is-going-NUTS' really sing!!! I think Sarah Brightman regularly gets that response... and Santana.. and from what little ive heard from her, janis joplin and joan jett could belt it out and get the audience to do anything!! hair bands too... but as far as power chix go, tatu, celine and sarah have the globe by its gnads and its adrenal glands! its like auditory d-crystal meth..

All About Us is the best english track ive heard in a long time..

take that ms. little-blondie-white-girl-with-a-mexican-name-and-a-big-ghetto-booty Christina Aguilera and that housekeeper-harlot jhey low!!!! you and all your cash cow cronies suck compared to tATu! Now go home to your record company bought mansions and O.D. on MDMA and Mad Dog!!

positive, negative, negative..

But the positive is emotionally/mentally far bigger than the negative..

i spose these could be split into three posts, but in the name of saving post header space, theyre grouped.

tATu's new albums "All About Us" single, "Dangerous and Moving" and "Ludi Invalidi" Albums are unreal mind blowingly cool. Richard Carpenter even got involved with one of their songs! I also just discovered they either got mashupped or collaborated proper with |RAMMS+EIN+| !!! And the end product just stands hair on back of neck on end `XD !! I think their stuff kicks so much FATTOUSH it could bring back I-Be-Bangin'! and if Elena's hair gets any redder it's going to blow my freakin MIND!! I dont need drugs as long as there is red hair, pale skin and freckles in the world BWARRRRRNNG!!! if i am ever sentenced to death by the neonazi puppet government, let it be DEATH BY REDHEAD!! 8D

That spineless (like a man-of-war(is that coinkidink for real!?!?) jellyfish but far less intelligent and more poisonous) bastard son of someone who should have had a sloppy pre-Roe back-alley abortion and whose father, saddam hussein, and dubya all have something in common (none of 'em knew when to PULL OUT!!), Karl Rove is der Kommissar of Kocksuchers and should be quite reason enough for joisey to bring back the 'lectric chair BZZzzZZZrzZRZzZTtZZttZZtTT!! FRY BY@tcH!!! heres why - clickme mahfah!

well, someone has FINALLY confirmed a hunk of my views on the american god squad and religious zealotry in general...

The dark side of faith
IT'S OFFICIAL: Too much religion may be a dangerous thing.

This is the implication of a study reported in the current issue of the Journal of Religion and Society, a publication of Creighton University's Center for the Study of Religion. The study, by evolutionary scientist Gregory S. Paul, looks at the correlation between levels of "popular religiosity" and various "quantifiable societal health" indicators in 18 prosperous democracies, including the United States.

Paul ranked societies based on the percentage of their population expressing absolute belief in God, the frequency of prayer reported by their citizens and their frequency of attendance at religious services. He then correlated this with data on rates of homicide, sexually transmitted disease, teen pregnancy, abortion and child mortality.

He found that the most religious democracies exhibited substantially higher degrees of social dysfunction than societies with larger percentages of atheists and agnostics. Of the nations studied, the U.S. — which has by far the largest percentage of people who take the Bible literally and express absolute belief in God (and the lowest percentage of atheists and agnostics) — also has by far the highest levels of homicide, abortion, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

This conclusion will come as no surprise to those who have long gnashed their teeth in frustration while listening to right-wing evangelical claims that secular liberals are weak on "values." Paul's study confirms globally what is already evident in the U.S.: When it comes to "values," if you look at facts rather than mere rhetoric, the substantially more secular blue states routinely leave the Bible Belt red states in the dust.

Murder rates? Six of the seven states with the highest 2003 homicide rates were "red" in the 2004 elections (Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina), while the deep blue Northeastern states had murder rates well below the national average. Infant mortality rates? Highest in the South and Southwest; lowest in New England. Divorce rates? Marriages break up far more in red states than in blue. Teen pregnancy rates? The same.

Of course, the red/blue divide is only an imperfect proxy for levels of religiosity. And while Paul's study found that the correlation between high degrees of religiosity and high degrees of social dysfunction appears robust, it could be that high levels of social dysfunction fuel religiosity, rather than the other way around.

Although correlation is not causation, Paul's study offers much food for thought. At a minimum, his findings suggest that contrary to popular belief, lack of religiosity does societies no particular harm. This should offer ammunition to those who maintain that religious belief is a purely private matter and that government should remain neutral, not only among religions but also between religion and lack of religion. It should also give a boost to critics of "faith-based" social services and abstinence-only disease and pregnancy prevention programs.

We shouldn't shy away from the possibility that too much religiosity may be socially dangerous. Secular, rationalist approaches to problem-solving emphasize uncertainty, evidence and perpetual reevaluation. Religious faith is inherently nonrational.

This in itself does not make religion worthless or dangerous. All humans hold nonrational beliefs, and some of these may have both individual and societal value. But historically, societies run into trouble when powerful religions become imperial and absolutist.

The claim that religion can have a dark side should not be news. Does anyone doubt that Islamic extremism is linked to the recent rise in international terrorism? And since the history of Christianity is every bit as blood-drenched as the history of Islam, why should we doubt that extremist forms of modern American Christianity have their own pernicious and measurable effects on national health and well-being?

Arguably, Paul's study invites us to conclude that the most serious threat humanity faces today is religious extremism: nonrational, absolutist belief systems that refuse to tolerate difference and dissent.

My prediction is that right-wing evangelicals will do their best to discredit Paul's substantive findings. But when they fail, they'll just shrug: So what if highly religious societies have more murders and disease than less religious societies? Remember the trials of Job? God likes to test the faithful.

To the truly nonrational, even evidence that on its face undermines your beliefs can be twisted to support them. Absolutism means never having to say you're sorry.

And that, of course, is what makes it so very dangerous.


ya know what, Fuck You Tom Delay... you dont think it was sleazy politics when Your Kind persecuted Bill Clinton for getting a blow job? as my uncle Sxcott would say, "no no No NO!! NO I DONT THINK SO SIR!!!!"...

A Well rounded "Fuck Off and Die Messily" to you and your dishonorable hill-jack cronies!

i pledge to raise my middle finger to you and yours!

Good DAY, sir!


day 1 TIFF,

Continuing from the music line in the last one.. as that was end of experience on Friday (3am)

I woke up this morning and got ready to head up to the manulife centre to get our online tix, and we stopped at a coffee shop for tea and crumpets LOL ROFL and I had a ]I[ shot espresso with the balance of a grande cup filled with colombia's blackest. there was a parade of !taoist taichi! people?! i dont know if taoist taichi day is a celebration of taoism ^_^ or taichi ? anyway that was cool.

Then i heard the loudest bassiest christian music.. jesus as lord of the rastafarians m0n hehe.. it was pretty cool.. but very loud. baptism by sound pressure/ excorcising the devil with heaven-high decibels. the jokes could be unending.. but i digress.

I am noticing some interesting philosophical constructions forming in my twisted mind...

people are very relaxed and chilled out about everything. dress code seems Very MrInvader Approved. they dress cleanly but tshirts and shorts and things are de jure. they seem not to have the stupid oldnavy aeropostale gotta be fashunable at the expense of poor 3rd world slave economies.. Actually, i have seen only one FuBu and one like DKNY shirt (third world exploiters) since ive been here and have seen many people. I have also seen NOOO big box stores lahk waul maurt (hill jack accent).

I have seen that Today is Taoist Tai-Chi day, and they had a parade in front of the coffee shop I was at this am for breakfast, and they had people of all ethnicities in front and a !bagpipe band! in the back. I walked a little over two blocks up to this large downtown park and there was a large like a jesus party with african-canadians and christian reggae.. oddest sight ive ever seen. My sense of canada is that canada is what the US could be if it really tried and quit being all corrupted and scoundrelous. If we stop voting according to fox news and started thinking about the health of the polity itsself, we would

I have seen Nothing but positives since I have been here. A lot of people out there know me to be very cynical and negative at times. but in light of current experiences in the last 11 hours, i am Rapidly seeing that it isnt that im negative, but out of place. I think i really am thinking canada is where i should be.

there is something i saw on the net in a joke site - jesusland )the red states( and The United States of Canada )everything not in jesusland. I think there is more credence to this than the joke person may have intended/thought.

Cheers, eh?! LOL.

oh, and they have a $1 Cdn coin. It's called the Loonie. guess whjat the two is... A Toonie!! Un Frippin Real! this country is Loonie about its Toonies!! LOLOLOLOLO FN L..

day 0.5 TIFF,

We left after 4 on Fri for the filmfest. an uneventful trip to detroit terminated with the discovery that 75 is 275 south of detroit, north of the airport. 94 curves up actually closer to the ambassador than 75 appeared on the maps. so we missed the "75" exit and ended up doing ok anyway , actually a more efficient route. o for fortunate whoopses - silly putty, and 94 East LOLOLOL

We crossed the bridge over rubbled water (the detoilet river LOL).. the bridge WAYYY over the water. I digress.. it was cool. and very high. it is "Ma would prolly sit shotgun and end up laying the seat back" high.

The cultural changeover from detoilet to windsor was IMMEDIATELY noticeable. the signs are clearer to read from a distance. there were a few international gutbusters(mcd's toxicsmell rb's etc) but it was very clean and noncommercialized and very pro-the-canadian-worker. American corps will NEVER nafta to canada. but ya know, thats not a terrible thing maybe..

We got gas at a 'service centre' not a gas station, full serve, and the guy sez "sorry our gas prices are retarded.." i sez "well its better than your leadership being retarded..[potential faux pas recovery] ..i mean in our country our leadership is retarded.. i know nothing of canada's leadership...[grin roadvibrated whoops]" and we had a very satisfying high intellectual conversation about why hes glad to be canadian and why i had a wave of yeah it would definitely be cool to be canadian 'specially now with a drunken dumbya at the wheel.. the rest of the world DOES think we're politically skewed. whaddaya know..

the exits on the freeways are finite Can401 exit 347 348 350 352 vs 35A and 35B of i94/us23 fame, miles and miles of actually big sky.. [more expounding to follow]

We Drove for miles and miles at 100 somethings per hour.. unfortunately, SOMETHINGS was Kilometers. (100k/h =~ 60 mph). So it was about like nortwest ohio or pennsylvania except philly. and the landscape matches ohio as well. But then out of nowhere, Canada hits like a ton of hockeypucks. Toronto! Toronto has a buttload of things that are totally different. they have streetcars and a different "feel". very mom and poppy.

Toronto appears kinda like ann arbor, but with some very unostentatious commerciality, like corporate and local human in perfect harmony. the way it should be. like little 1800s buildings and like no name pita restaurants(the pita pit or triple d's) next to hancock tower and the ExecutivE Supper Club (said very hoity-toitily/poshly :) ). and the radio stations are .. unREaL. they have great music here in the great white north. the experience with the russian sassage cartsman... There appears to be just great people of all cultures in this country.. This guy aside from great hotdogs also had great advice/directions and was very friendly and uncommercial. the last paragraphs of day 1 post DEFINITELY apply.

more to follow :)


stupid spammers

Whats the world coming to.. I keep getting ads posted as comments on my blog.. wth do i do?

A clue would be greatly appreciated!



internet wasteland - dedicated to a small town i know of whose name will not be mentioned here....

Out here in the fields Out here in the field
I fought for my meals We shoot all our meals
I get my back into my living And vote for dubya around thanksgiving
I don't need to fight Dont want net tonight
To prove I'm right To book our flights
I don't need to be forgiven We Cant play Myst or Riven

Don't cry Dont try
Don't raise your eye To pass any bytes
It's only teenage wasteland This heres internet wasteland

Sally, take my hand Enuf git er dun man
Travel south crossland At the produce stand
Put out the fire stoke up th' fa'hr
And don't look past my shoulder cuz its gittin colder

The exodus is here The exodus is here
The happy ones are near To leave all the deer
Let's get together To have a chance
Before we get much older To Fill up our email folder

Teenage wasteland Internet wasteland
It's only teenage wasteland This heres internet wasteland
Teenage wasteland, oh yeah Internet wasteland, oh yeah
Teenage wasteland chicken feed in yer wastecan


New Image for my profile..

Ive decided to post an image. an image you all will like and those really close will have seen. its a pic of 'W' in the middle of a recycle emblem that says Some Things Were Never Meant To Be Recycled. Enjoy!


Natalie Maines I <3 U

I saw this and about had a hemorrhage :) this is a trip. Natalie, i salute you!

Apology from Natalie Maines

As a concerned American citizen, I apologize to President Bush because my remark was disrespectful. I now realize that whoever holds that office should be treated with the utmost respect.

I hope everyone understands, I'm just a young girl who grew up in Texas. As far back as I can remember, I heard people say they were ashamed of President Clinton. I saw bumper stickers calling him everything from a pothead to a murderer. I heard people on the radio and tv like Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott bad mouthing the President and ridiculing his wife and daughter at every opportunity.

I heard LOTS of people disrespecting the President. So I guess I just assumed it was acceptable behavior.

But now, thanks to the thousands of angry people who want radio stations to boycott our music because criticizing the President is unpatriotic, I realize it's wrong to have a liberal opinion if you're a country music artist. I guess I should have thought about that before deciding to play music that attracts hypocritical red necks.

I also realize now that I'm supposed to just sing and look cute so our fans won't have anything to upset them while they're cheating on their wives or getting in drunken bar fights or driving around in their pickup trucks shooting highway signs and small animals.

And most important of all, I realize that it's wrong for a celebrity to voice a political opinion, unless they're Toby Keith, Charlie Daniels, Clint Black, Barbara Mandrell, Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs, Travis Tritt, Hank Williams Jr, Amy Grant, Larry Gatlin, Crystal Gayle, Reba McEntire, Lee Greenwood, Lorrie Morgan, Anita Bryant, Mike Oldfield, Ted Nugent, Wayne Newton, Dick Clark, Jay Leno, Drew Carey, Dixie Carter, Victoria Jackson, Charleton Heston, Fred Thompson, Ben Stein, Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bo Derek, Rick Schroeder, George Will, Pat Buchanan, Bill O'Reilly, Joe Rogan, Delta Burke, Robert Conrad or Jesse Ventura.

God Bless America,


Brain Powerd

brain powerd. acquired it. watched it. loved it.

kanno yoko is pure aural genius. Art direction by director of his and her circumstances, brilliant! Aside from ghibli, best redheaded anime character design ever put to acetate (or whatever they put cels on ^_^` ). sorry nene youve been raped, pillaged, and sacked, romanov-style! funny/coinkidink your name is romanova, almost pre-destined to be tragically cast aside, like the other bearers of that name.. gomen-nasai.. kei unfortunately has been bumped off as well :'( . Giant robots that actively advance the story rather than just wave their arms about and say WOOK AT MEE im a GIANT ROBOT RARRRRR AHHHgundamCHOOO :/ (of course miyazaki-sama's GRs pioneered this concept of plot laden giant robots.. LOL )! More to follow..


Piece of crap Rove

...needs to find his way to the bottom of a mk77-made burning hole and survive long enough to be fried in ol sparky!! i think hes about the only one i can think of thats a bigger crook than the rest of the stupid idiotic dubyaites. Mr Rove is a very good argument for the re-instatement of the chair as a method of execution. use the Chair and a Dry Sponge!!!! BGGZZZZHZBZBGGZGGZGZZZGHGZZGGGGGGZZZZZZZZTTTT!!!!!11

Rot in hell you evil bastard real life version of Emperor Palpitine. lying sack of beetle infested wildebeest sh1t!

nuff said.


holy shizbot!!!

Lately I've been posting like someone lit my a$$ on fire LOLOLOL

euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby

This is an example of Rank Chridiocy in action....
From IMDB Review Forums on M.D.B..

Posting Thread - Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby

Original Chridiot Poster withheld to protect MY conscience and honor. want to know who actually said it? join IMDB for free and read this thread there.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This movie was mediocre at best. The hollywood liberals picked this movie because Clint killed her in the end. If Clint's character would have made another decision, this movie wouldn't have won the Oscar.

Euthanasia is a selfish practice. All it does is make the person doing the killing feel good about his/her actions. No more hospital visits or hospital bills for the killer. Should we encourage those with a mental illness to commit suicide? I have a friend who is schizophrenic, and he hasn't been himself for years. If he was to ask me to shoot him or stick him with a needle and kill him, I would say no way. This would be murder and the same thing Clint's character did in the movie. How is euthanasia different from suicide? Liberals are always trying to change things to make people feel better about things like this. If your pro-abortion, your pro-choice. The last thing that liberals want to give you is a choice. They change homosexuality to gay, and now suicide to mercy killings. I'm glad the liberals lose election after election, this means that the majority of americans are not buying their socialist/communist agenda. Liberalism is dying a slow death as it should. Liberals want the government to control your lives. Senator Obama said that the democrats need to find their core values. It's not that the democrats need to find their core values, they have them. They know that if they tell people their core values, the democrats wouldn't win another election. If they told people their core values, they would scare the majority of people away. If people with cancer want you to kill them in the middle of chemo, should you do it? Scorsese was robbed of an oscar because of liberalism.

      Re: Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby
      by - someone 1 day ago (Thu Jul 14 2005 01:57:50 )
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      "I have a friend who is schizophrenic, and he hasn't been himself for years."
      Absolutely hilarious!!
      Thanks for that.
      Re: Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby
      by - someone else 2 hours ago (Fri Jul 15 2005 06:03:41 )
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      "The hollywood liberals picked this movie because Clint killed her in the end." u are so stupid....
      Re: Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby
      by - some person 2 hours ago (Fri Jul 15 2005 06:35:21 )
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      Actually they portray it as being an extremely difficult decision for Clint's character, and it's
      clear that he didn't do it to make things easier for him, but for her.
      Re: Euthanasia and Million Dollar Baby
      by - mrinvader 1 minute ago (Fri Jul 15 2005 08:58:09 )
      This guy is so out of touch with reality that im not even going to respond.. ya know not everything can
      be as clean and trite as the Waltons..
      G'night, Johnboy, and enjoy your silly theocracy.


oh god no

Please please say this isnt true.. please..

Our esteemed military leadership is now admitting to the use of napalm-alikes in Iraq

I have seen too much about the effects of napalm..

see Grave of the Fireflies for Takahata Isao's rendition of a novel about two children who lose their mother to firebombs, and ultimately their lives, to ww2.

see Kim Phuc Phan Thi for another example.

there is no punishment strong enough for these evil nazi bastards in power now. the Christian Hell would be a pleasant vacation spot for these people..

but i at least can take solace in the fact that I DID NOT put these people in power and campaigned loudly and at great risk to my social standing that this group should not be re-elected..

god i hope my dad doesnt find this article.. oops too late, he reads my blog :( sorry dad.

Please people, Please vote your CONSCIENCE not what th' cherch tells ya. How could any person who even KNOWS of the passages "thou shalt not kill" and "thou shalt not bear false witness" even think of being party to those who would commit these atrocities.

this is simply murder. premeditated cold blooded murder. may you rot in the place that residents of hell, consider to be hell. and may there be NO mercy on your black ichor spilling souls.

I cant think of anything ... wow im at a loss for words


Viewtiful Joe OP/ED

OMG im like grabbed by the nose and dragged into a SaGa induced bounce! my trip is being aided by the right 'onorable Earl of Grey on ice `XB

Mood: Bouncing off the FReakin WallS!

Wish: Konoha would call me and BS for a while :)


howl's moving castle

I dont know what to say about this except.. WOW! i was blown away yet again by the absolute finest eye candy ever to grace the silver screen...

Hauru no ugoku shiro(Howl's Moving Castle)

Usually Ebert is pretty good at calling a good movie.. but this time i will call it myself. He gave a lukewarm review of this one but i would give a frippth frippth frippth boiling hot * * * * * review of this one.

And even to the reviewers who shredded it as 'Un Miyazaki', Your reviews are Appreciated and accepted, but.


you're high L(o)L, may i interest you in some rehab and detox?

This film is _Very_ Miyazaki, and I'd have it no other way. He has full and unrestricted license to do whatever the thptt he wants! Hehehe. and of course Howl is thpanking the UnCredibles... I couldnt see the film because of the guy's HUGE CHIN and Horrid character design. Poor Walt is prolly dancing a whirly-jig in his pine box!

But then i'm not a very constructive reviewer of Studio Ghibli/TAKAHATA Isao/MIYAZAKI Hayao's and all their talented contemporaries' work, as I have yet to see one that doesnt bury the needle and blow my freekin mind away, each time in a completely new way with just enough eau de Ghibli to ... well theirs are the only works in that genre that are even remotely cross-comparable, and arguably(by me at least and at length ^_^' ) across all motion picture genres.

un (Notable PAUSE) REAL!


Mr Eisner, Siddown and watch Just One of Ghibli's pre-production concept films, and behold more talent than your teams coould dream of mustering on their own. Sorry, thats just the fact from the world of invader. I will, FWIW, give you full honors and brownie points for having the good sense to hook up with Tokuma/Ghibli to distribute their inimitable skill and subtle panache to the mindless masses in this parched landscape of Mainstream American Cart'Teewns.

Oh and a very 'last but not least' heartfelt kudo to HISAISHI Jo, the revered composer/scorer of most ghiblies! The hair on the back of my neck knocks the hat off my head when his sublime soundscapes lovingly grace my ears! This one is not as forceful as say a fine vintage Mononoke or as joyous as an aromatic boquet of Mimi, but is placid and smooth as a fine summer afternoon in a hammock with a good book.

So Mr Ebert, Please.
Continue [doffed hat bow]!

and Mr Miyazaki
I am yet again and as always, Moved!


congress to cut funding for pbs/npr

Public Service Announcement from MoveOn..

You know that email petition that keeps circulating about how Congress is slashing funding for NPR and PBS? Well, now it's actually true. (Really. Check the footnotes if you don't believe me.)

Sign the petition telling Congress to save NPR and PBS:

A House panel has voted to eliminate all funding for NPR and PBS, starting with "Sesame Street," "Reading Rainbow," and other commercial-free children's shows. If approved, this would be the most severe cut in the history of public broadcasting, threatening to pull the plug on Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch.

The cuts would slash 25% of the federal funding this year—$100 million—and end funding altogether within two years. The loss could kill beloved children's shows like "Clifford the Big Red Dog," "Arthur," and "Postcards from Buster." Rural stations and those serving low-income communities might not survive. Other stations would have to increase corporate sponsorships.

If we can reach 250,000 signatures by the end of the week, we'll put Congress on notice.


P.S. Read the Washington Post report on the threat to NPR and PBS at:

What I said...
No. thats all I can say.

- NO! -

In these divided times, If it irritates the ridiculous religious right, it is good for America in general.

Come on now, be serious. They have Very Good Shows about Jesus on PBS that even a secularist like myself enjoy quite well. The righties wouldnt want to lose that now would they?

If you dont save Public Broadcasting, I Will become Muslim just to p--- you off!

NPR and PBS are the last bastion of intellectual programming on the face of the American Media. Discovery Networks doesnt really count because they dont show actual real world things like The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, and Car Talk with Click and Clack, the Tappet Bros, and of course, always and forever, NOVA! Im sorry if half of the red staters cant read at higher than a 10th grade level and have less than a 100 IQ, you shouldnt make the college educated people suffer just because you dont understand what you see. I would not petition to have Fox N00ze de-licensed.. and remember, the vast majority of money in this country... lies in THE BLUE STATES! We in michigan pay incredible taxes as do they in New York, Mass uh CHEW sits, etc.... yeah thats right, bush was born in a blue state, descended of blue staters, and educated.. in a BLUE STATE!! His Father was born in Milton, Mass!

I Digress

Hey Waitasec - I have a great idea.. Lets get the h-ll out of IRAQ, give 1/4 of the annual budget to rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan(20billion/year), spend a measly billion on a serious effort to find osama bin laden, and put the rest of the 80billion (59 billion) yewarly expenditures into things like libraries and schools, and maybe a few billion to NPR and a few billion to PBS, and then some of that even to Fox News, just to be Fair and Balanced hehe..

At any rate..

Congress must save NPR, PBS and local public stations. We trust them for in-depth news and educational children's programming. It's money well spent.

annotated aerial shot of gravel pit


path to both the north beach and the blown out trestle


This is the path to both the north beach and the blown out trestle to get to the rope swing. the gravel is very coarse, get sand shoes!

very steep dropoff into very clear water.

The last visible bottom towards top of pic is approx 25feet deep. very steep dropoff into very clear water.
This is the blown out rail trestle and resulting canal from northwest corner of northwest pit looking southeast

looking south across canal

This is the canal used to get to the rope and south beach. that water is around 20ft deep at right sideand 6ft deep at left below path


deceit in the rush to invade Iraq

Dear President Dubya,

My emphatic apologies for the follerin' big ol' words, If you need help readin' 'em, you can ask the Man in the Yellow Hat (Karl Rove) to read it to you.

No, NOT President Bush, Mr Bush! And you're a fair sight lucky to have THAT title (MR) at all, being the AWOL Deserter Pansy that you are!

Why, there was once a time in our great nation's history when DESERTERS were SHOT! oh how lucky you weren't born in the 19th century or we wouldnt be having this discussion.

Clinton and Cheney at least had the decency not to waste the military's time on your paperwork and enlistment registration and to get deferrals rather than to run away with your tail between their legs like you.

Anyways, I Digress.

You People WHINED and CRIED about Clinton lying about a blow job and now YOU'RE lying about BLOWING at your JOB. Clinton's BJ only hurt him and his family, YOU are damaging the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD and making the US the butt of jokes the world over. Now, Fess Up and your punishment in the HAGUE might be more lenient!

President Bush must directly address the evidence in the Downing St. Memo of intelligence manipulation and public deceit in the rush to invade Iraq. We support Rep. Conyers’ letter of inquiry and demand answers to all its questions.


I love Canadians. No, this is serious. I really do!

It's like the original goals and aspirations that America once had have migrated north. If we get another trailer republican in office in '08, I might move there.

This girl Butterfly Karma, not only is she fantastically beautiful IMHO, but her thoughts are my thoughts! I could spend hours just eating her blog with a spoon!

BK, I salute you [bows deeply]



What can i say, this group rawks!!!! I just RE-Discovered them and now I can't stop listening... I think i might have problems.. I think i have an addiction... i need to go to an addiction place!! (AHHHHRNIE!!).. The lead singer has to be the best american female vocalist im aware of. comparable talent only to be found 11,000mi away in Japan :).

A side note not completely unrelated to jpop or addictions..
Konoha, I miss you very much, have fun making A-Cen your Beetch, luckyyyy! ^_^ A-Cen should be proud to be your beetch!


Two-bit defrauders of poor old women's retirements and corrupters of the tender minds of youth.

Another petition comment....

First he and Falwell informed the world that the attacks on America were all the fault of gays, atheists, and abortionists. Then he tried to back away from the statements, saying that his remarks were "inappropriate." But obviously not inappropriate enough, because Pat has wheeled them out again. On the "700 Club" recently, Robertson, referring to terrorists, said that, "I do believe that San Francisco is going to be a target of these people."

And now, he's outright encouraging attacks on the judiciary. If you let these monsters get away with this slander right now, and are unable to successfully push their agendas (likely this will be the case), you will bring their ire and be next on their list. It is a safer choice to tell them to get lost than try to push their plans through. Remember, nearly half and arguably more than half of this great nation despises these people and ANYONE WHO WILL SUPPORT THEM (hint hint).

The court system is independent of the legislature for precisely the reason that they are under attack - for america to remain a land of law and order, the judges must not be twisted by petty politicians and religious freaks. It's called checks and balances, folks. Do they not teach american government at bob jones university or yale or wherever? Or did daddy buy them out of that requirement like H W bought W into the Tx Air Nat'l Guard..

This is every bit as bad as when jerry "I fornicated in an outhouse with my mother" falwell (name not Capitalized out of detestation.) supported or made those vile and inflammatory utterances of ignorance after 9/11. robertson and all his trailer crony supporters need to be promptly and roundly smote down for even having these thoughts.

How Dare They! It's right wing nazis like those people that have pretty much made up my mind that God if there is one, doesnt give two queefs on a hot breeze about the goings on of Man. At this point, i likely will never attend a christian church again.

It's too late for that for me, but You, honorable senator and representative, Do have the opportunity to right their misspeech by distancing yourselves from pat et. al. as falwell was treated after his soiling his shirt front with the dung that flowed from his fat head after WTC! The "few bearded terrorists" of 9/11 were a few hundred miles north of what should have been hit.. the deep trailer southern seats of the idiot right, pats robertson and buchanan, and Mr OutHouse. 911 took the lives of Nearly 2,750 innocent people. the ridiculous religious right needs to quit using the defenseless WTC dead to further their fascist agendas, and take a cue from ashcroft.. GET OUT OF DODGE and LEAVE AMERICA ALONE! They all make me sick.

Have some brass ones and Reject these people, or you ARE them, and will join them on my s**tlist permanently. Remember, your kind BARELY has a majority by the cooked book, and likely missed it by two or three points if Diebold's "handing Ohio to Dubya" is discredited..

To the bible thumper trash that think they can manhandle America into a koresh-grade church state:

Pat, Jerry, and the rest of you two-bit defrauders of poor old women's retirements and corrupters of the tender minds of youth, I commend you in utmost obscurity to your hereafter of Nothingness. May you slip into your demise unnoticed, cold, shivering, and alone, and may your immortal souls, if you have them, simply Cease to Exist.

Thank you, and Legislators, I hope you make the correct decision to discredit these bozos and come back to planet Earth. If not, when you go with Robertson and Falwell to Oblivion, Dont Forget Your Hat (sm)!

Charles Thomas Houghtby IV

(Exact verbiage of the petition entry..:
TO: Republican Senate Leader Bill Frist and Majority Leader Tom DeLay
SUBJECT: Reject Pat Robertson

Dear Senator Frist and Congressman DeLay,

Pat Robertson’s comments on national television crossed the line. It is simply unacceptable in our democracy to claim that judges you disagree with pose a worse threat to our country than the civil war, the Nazis or "a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings." We demand that you publicly condemn these comments, and all similar examples of hate speech targeting American judges. It is up to you to stop this campaign of intimidation.

The court system is independent of the legislature for precisely the reason that they are under attack - for America to remain a Just land of Law and Order, the judges must not be twisted by petty politicians and religious freaks. It's called checks and balances, folks. Do they not teach American government at Bob Jones University or Yale or wherever? Or did daddy buy them out of that requirement like H W bought W into the Tx Air Nat'l Guard..

This is every bit as bad as when jerry "I fornicated in an outhouse with my mother" falwell (name not Capitalized out of detestation.) supported or made those vile and inflammatory utterances of ignorance after 9/11. Robertson and all his trailer crony supporters need to be promptly and roundly smote down for ever even having these thoughts. Where's the house unamerican activities commission when we need 'em :)

Have some brass ones and Reject these people, or you ARE them, and will join them on my s**tlist permanently. Remember, your kind BARELY has a majority by the cooked book, and likely missed it by two or three points if Diebold's "handing Ohio to Dubya" is discredited..

To the bible thumper trash that think they can manhandle America into a taliban-grade church state:

Pat, Jerry, and the rest of you two-bit defrauders of poor old women's retirements and corrupters of the tender minds of youth, I commend you in utmost obscurity to your hereafter of Nothingness. May you slip into your demise unnoticed, cold, shivering, and alone, and may your immortal souls, if you have them at all, simply Cease to Exist.

Thank you, and Legislators, I hope you make the correct decision to discredit these bozos and come back to planet Earth. If not, then when you go with Robertson and Falwell to Oblivion, Dont Forget Your Hat (sm)!

Charles Thomas Houghtby IV


Just a bit of rage..

I have been reading a lot about the war in Iraq and Viet Nam lately and have found myself becoming more and more angry.

I am angry that Our Leadership, put in place by 48% of the population, is repeating the Same Mistakes made over 30 years ago in an armpit asian country called Viet Nam.

Angry that the very bastards who wage this war, Didn't Even Serve.

Angry that the economy is eating a steamy helping of Doo so that we can go and senselessly murder our own young people by putting them in harm's way, for NO CAUSE at ALL!

Angry, that even worse, we kill CIVILLIANS, or enable their killing by our very presence, through the hands of terrorists who hate us for butting in.

And above all, my father was in Viet Nam, and knows, as do most of those unfortunate enough to have thought they were doing the right thing when in reality were getting the stinky end of the stick, that Viet Nam was a mistake. a mistake of astrophenominal proportions. and now, they are being made to finance ANOTHER ONE!! Potentially at the expense of their social security benefits, that their generation has been paying for for over 35 years and that their parents paid for for 60+ beyond that.

I feel that our parents are being financially raped for this inarticulate boob of a president and his corrupted cronies.

I believe that our grandparents, the greatest generation, (and indeed they are!) are being cornholed by a mack truck so this jackweed can go destroy things to make up for his marked penile insufficiency.

If the lot of them got violently run down by a coked up driver in a greyhound bus tomorrow while giving another bullshit self masturbatory "irack is naw a deemocracy and jes had ther first election it was worthit, really it was.." or "were fahtin tarr'rists if y' dont s'port us, yer AGAINST US" or "GAAAAWD is on ahr SAAAD!" speech, the only tears i'd shed would be tears of sensory overloading joy!

I imagine that Dubya has removed all mirrors from his living area so he doesnt have to look himself in the mirror. Dick Cheney probably doesnt care one way or the other because he is so evil and depraved, he probably sees only his empty clothes and doesnt even show up in a mirror!!!

i sincerely hope that the jailer at the Hague Penitentiary keeps a cold cell ready for them all when sensible people take power again, and I hope Lucifer Himself stokes up a hot corner of Hell for when they finally realize the magnitude of their inhumanity and kill themselves. He can have the celebrity seating right next to Hitler and the past leadership of Bob Jones University!

May they Rot in Torment for all eternity in the Hell that they all believe is real.

Or better yet, may they slip unceremoniously into the blackness that is NOTHING!
when they die, they simply cease to exist!

At any rate, may the diseased fleas of a thousand camels infest their hairy areas!

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I showed my friends in Indy Goodfellas.. One didnt like it, the other one liked it to an extent.. But both can now claim to have seen a mob movie :)

There were times when even the disliker was busting up tho, and both liked the voiceover commentary by Liotta - 'When we needed money we robbed the airport... to us it was better than CitiBank' and when Hill pistol whipped the tennis punk in the driveway ala Denis Leary's skit clip about the virgin mother coming down and " you like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas"

everyone jumped when Tommy got whacked and LOLed when they all went to the hooscow for MOBing, and did the Italian thing.. they ATE PASTA! Too funny!


I just rediscovered my blahness with giant robot anime... G Gundam.. :) LOL....

Anyone care for an omelette du fromage ^_~


hehee frontpage... ;@````

A good friend o mine is a 'gotta have the latest and greatest from microsoft' kind of guy and refuses to see that nearly every successive version of billyos/billyapp gets slower and slower... but I like him anyway.. We see eye to eye on far more than we dont, and with persuasion he always does the right thing.

Anyway we are doing some web/cgi work that fills out a form and sends a fax for research tasks... He's always trying to get more hard network functions and utilities on microsoft products Just to get them on microsoft... and insists NOOOO we Cant do this on our webserver, we NEEED to do it on the inside on our already overtaxed exchange server's IIS implementation.. so ok. fine. he tries to generate it using frontpage, and gets to the point where it works (sends something), but can't customise the output from the form to email anything more than a list of the variable names and the data to fill them - variable1 - data1, variable2 - data2, etc..

Finally he gives up in frustration and i forcibly grab the project and finish it using Quanta Plus (the awesomest semi-wysiwyg editor in the world) from the kde camp.

final output of the project is a set of personalized forms that are emailed through the php email function to our faxserver software and subsequently recieved by the target in beautiful printable format. no mikeyshaft required!

i love linux, particularly Suse!!


social security privatization

Dear Senators Levin and Stabenow, Representative Schwarz:

I'm paying social security tax, my parents are to retire in 7 years, and my grandparents are on social security. Please don't allow Dubya and his cronies to touch our social security just because the Saudis, Halliburton, OPEC, and the Carlyle Group are funding THEIR retirement!

Make sure the red-staters keep their noses clean and their grubby mitts out of america's pocketbook as far as using Public funds for partisan ad campaigns. tell them to get the money from the Bin Ladens, if it's so important, I'm sure they'll be glad to help.

And Give my best to Reverend Ashcroft, as he departs the governmental pulpit he has held to return to his home state where he LOST to a DEAD GUY!

Thank You!