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oh god no

Please please say this isnt true.. please..

Our esteemed military leadership is now admitting to the use of napalm-alikes in Iraq

I have seen too much about the effects of napalm..

see Grave of the Fireflies for Takahata Isao's rendition of a novel about two children who lose their mother to firebombs, and ultimately their lives, to ww2.

see Kim Phuc Phan Thi for another example.

there is no punishment strong enough for these evil nazi bastards in power now. the Christian Hell would be a pleasant vacation spot for these people..

but i at least can take solace in the fact that I DID NOT put these people in power and campaigned loudly and at great risk to my social standing that this group should not be re-elected..

god i hope my dad doesnt find this article.. oops too late, he reads my blog :( sorry dad.

Please people, Please vote your CONSCIENCE not what th' cherch tells ya. How could any person who even KNOWS of the passages "thou shalt not kill" and "thou shalt not bear false witness" even think of being party to those who would commit these atrocities.

this is simply murder. premeditated cold blooded murder. may you rot in the place that residents of hell, consider to be hell. and may there be NO mercy on your black ichor spilling souls.

I cant think of anything ... wow im at a loss for words

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