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lost job

Didn't get along with the grey area morality of the place - shipping machines with hot keyed/unlicensed software and inadequately protecting against malware and trojans by 1: NOT telling people about firefox and 2 NOT installing antispyware. his business model relies on the machines coming back outside of warranty due to the computer illiteracy of the clientèle.

We did exactly what we said we would do.. and put on exactly what we said we would. And nothing more!

...but is it just me or is it shady to release product with full knowledge that it is inadequately protected against threats!?

O Waitasec, Microsoft has been doing this for YEARS!?!?!


I Got The Job

I start Monday July 13

I will be repairing and building PCs and printers, and basically doing what i always do.


Going for hardware job intervew tomorrow

Getting ready to go for a hardware test at a computer store in town. hopefully it will be employment.