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the motherf$king gas prices

the motherf$king gas prices

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I've never had to worry about taking a 30mi trip somewhere for a job, but what with unemployment, and th e gas prices caused by the $hitheels in government.. it costs $6 for a round trip to brooklyn from adrain!!!

HOUSTON, TX (IWR Satire) -- Mr. Bush (above) leads his supporters in the "Neocon Pledge of Allegiance" (Full Text below) at the Joe McCarthy Arena in downtown Houston.

After the pledge was recited, Mr. Bush and his followers goose-stepped around the arena in their jackboots as the loud speakers played the Horst Wessel Song.

I Pledge Allegiance

to the Authoritarian Leader of the United States of America

and to the Neocon Agenda for which he stands,

one Nation

under Fear,


with liberty and justice for ExxonMobil-Shell-Texaco-BPAmoco-EmroETC.