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Today, 2:24am
i am so sickened by MTV.

Moreover, the parents who acquiesce to appear on MTV.

1. My Super Sweet 16 - this show documents teenage girls (i do not know that there's ever been a boy's party..) whose parents are ridiculously wealthy and throw these exorbitant parties for their teenage birthdays. Tracks the process, including choosing outfits, choreographing entrances, drama over invitations, etc. These parties run well over $50,000 average. Most of the parents, fathers especially, cannot say no, and when a parent tries, he is pouted at until the rich bitch gets her way.

2. Tiara Girls - Follows pageant hopefuls in their trek from average girl to crown winner. Parents are overbearing, constantly pointing out flaws, calling daughter fat when she is barely a size 2, refusing to allow daughters to live and enjoy life. Also spend outrageous sums to ensure daughter wins, daughter is taught to be cutthroat competitive and that 90% of their self-worth is physical.

3. Date My Mom - eligible bachelors meet three moms and choose to date one of the moms' daughters based on the appearance and personality of the mom. Mothers seem to enjoy telling suitors exactly what daughter least wants them to know, making asses out of themselves and daughters.

4. Parental Control - Parents disenchanted with teenager's current choice of significant other choose two suitors to date their daughter. Parents watch the entire date at home with unfavored S.O. Parents are crude, rude, openly disrespectful to teenage partner, and vice versa.

...WTF. Parents aren't like that. People like that don't exist.. do they?

I will admit, my parents are indulgent. They'd like me to casually date more people. Above all, they're the most lax, chilled people when it comes to letting me make my own decisions. But I would be mortified if they acted in any way like the MTV parents, especially the overindulgent ones.

I really don't want to believe people like this exist.

Also, a note on pageants: if I were an interviewer, I'd ask questions like, "What happened after Moses built the ark?" and "What year did Washington write the declaration of independence?" just to fuck with them. :D go linguistics.

person 1, 19M, Straight, Michigan, United States; 70% match, 69% friend, Today, 2:37am:

your right parents like that arent really around to my knoledge either and the sweet 16 thing sad thing is they had a guy on there i think he was gay im not sure and then date my mom theres never any girls going after a guys mom thats gay why not a date my dad also another show damage control pisses me off if my parents were watching something like that with me theyd be pissed at the studio more so than me so what im trying to say is mtv sucks ass and need to just play good shows

person 2, 22M, Straight, Tennessee, United States; 72% match, 72% friend, Today, 2:41am:

I hear you. Then there was that show "Wanna Come In?" Didn't involve any failures of parents, just two teams of "a loser and a player" competing to see which one could get their loser invited into a particular woman's home first. How many people can we be degrading to at once? I like your pageant idea.

person 3, 21F, Bisexual, Flushing, New York, United States; 69% match, 74% friend, Today, 2:48am:

you're awesome. haha..and MTV really should be changed to STV.....for shitastic TV....or maybey just shit would be more accurate....or maybey they could just broadcast an artistic rendering of a pile o poo 24/7. That would be ten times less mind numbing then the crap they have on their now. *pun not intended at first but then self-approved* :-P.

person 4 , 23M, Straight, Los Angeles, California, United States; 66% match, 70% friend, Today, 2:54am:

...yet you WATCH it? I've never heard of any of these shows; but that they exist don't surprise me at all. MTV should change their name to...well...i guess Fox.

person 5, 24M, Straight, Auckland, New Zealand; 68% match, 75% friend, Today, 3:34am:

Not to utterly concur with your musing on television as an entertainment medium (mostly cos I work in TV) but yeah, Im VERY VERY glad my tiny country does not recieve mtv or those shows you have discribed. It also re-affirms my belief that entertainment as television is... crap...

person 6, 25M, Straight, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States; 78% match, 76% friend, Today, 4:30am:

I haven't been able to stand MTV for years. Abotu the time Undressed and Daria went away, I lost interest. THeir programming seems to be vaguelt related to music at best these days and more about about peopel I just want to slap across the face.

person 7, 26M, Straight, Tampa, Florida, United States; 62% match, 67% friend, Today,12:13pm:

You left out "Made" where teenagers get 6 weeks to abandon their personality in favor of one that's more appropriate. Okay, some of the "Made" episodes are well-done, but most are a sad take on what we as a society approve of. Also, I would say Fox is a bit better, if anything for the excellent Family Guy and House.

Moi, 30M, Straight, Michigan, United States; 0% match, 0% friend, 17 minutes ago:

tv outside of mtv is s**t, mtv is lower-than-S**t. If a big putrid chunk of feces had to relieve itself, i mean it was prairie doggin' it, MTV would be the sticky tear cried from the brown eye of mr hankie. When MTV stopped playing Music, they should have been required to change their name to RTV for Rap. and then when That went to the wayside, it should have been just like FTV or something. Fecal Television. All Shit. All The Time. -----

Kudos to #5, #4(Fox is synonymous with Steamy Dung. Fudger trAiles and Poopert Turdoch are the biggest sallet tossers I have ever seen), #3(but #3 when you post something like this, you should lie about your city.. Flushing is much too painfully on topic [No offense intended, rather, Hugs/Kisses for the bellylaughs from the coincidence]). #6, I beat ya. I quit after beavis and Butthead, the last GOOD show on MTV.

Moi! , 30M, Straight, Michigan, United States; 0% match, 0% friend, 12 minutes ago:

Twas with very strong power of will that the short-lived RTV era was not .. lumped(hehe).. in with the era of ordure.. I think 99 percent of rap is manure, being less than reagent grade purity owing to black eyed peas and beastie boys.

Moi! , 30M, Straight, Michigan, United States; 0% match, 0% friend, just now:

But then again (hehe.. I said BUT.. mhe ehhe).. Reality Teevee in general is a Myspace-Esque evidential exhibit of Complete Un-Creativity on the part of the purveyors, and the Complete Incapability of the Mindless Sheep Masses to find more fruitful uses of their time like volunteering, reading, a life, or (gasp) a JOB. It's Evercrack(Everquest) for the Boob Toob! I find that Ron Popeil is more ingenuitive with Just One of his infomercials at 3am than American Idol is in a Whole Season of Simon's blithering, Paula's Butt, or Ruben's bellerin'. Got one word for that genre - BAAAAAAAaaa! Thats my rant an' I'm stickin to it.


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