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Sign Now to Lower Gas Prices!,1607,7-168-22080-141415--,00.html Click Here to Sign

Sign Now to Lower Gas Prices!

95% of gas stations in Michigan are locally owned. They aren’t big oil and they are struggling with these high costs too.
to lower gas prices
Michigan drivers are again facing the reality of $3-per-gallon gas - it’s time for President Bush and leaders in Washington to stop watching and start protecting us from the skyrocketing cost of gasoline! It's just not right that big oil companies should be allowed to hold customers hostage to outrageously expensive gas; they rake in billions in record-setting profits while consumers are left with no option but to pay ever-increasing prices.,1607,7-168-22080-141415--,00.html Click Here to Sign

Consider these facts:

* The average price for unleaded gasoline is 64 cents higher than the same time last year.
* ExxonMobil reported a $36.1 billion in profit, making it the largest corporation in the world and larger than the next four companies on the Forbes 500 list combined.
* Oil prices have increased 240 percent since George Bush’s inauguration in January 2001.,1607,7-168-22080-141415--,00.html Click Here to Sign

Nearly eight months ago, I and a group of concerned Governors urged the President to take action to bring down the sky-high prices of gasoline at America's gas pumps. We urged the President to bring the price of gas down for consumers by capping oil profits and using federal anti-trust laws to prosecute any companies pocketing extra profits in the wake of disasters like Hurricane Katrina. We also asked Congress to investigate energy profiteering and pass legislation requiring oil companies to refund excess oil profits to consumers.

If you agree with me that consumers need relief now, please join me in signing this online petition to the President urging him to cap excessive gasoline profits.,1607,7-168-22080-141415--,00.html Click Here to Sign

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