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hehee frontpage... ;@````

A good friend o mine is a 'gotta have the latest and greatest from microsoft' kind of guy and refuses to see that nearly every successive version of billyos/billyapp gets slower and slower... but I like him anyway.. We see eye to eye on far more than we dont, and with persuasion he always does the right thing.

Anyway we are doing some web/cgi work that fills out a form and sends a fax for research tasks... He's always trying to get more hard network functions and utilities on microsoft products Just to get them on microsoft... and insists NOOOO we Cant do this on our webserver, we NEEED to do it on the inside on our already overtaxed exchange server's IIS implementation.. so ok. fine. he tries to generate it using frontpage, and gets to the point where it works (sends something), but can't customise the output from the form to email anything more than a list of the variable names and the data to fill them - variable1 - data1, variable2 - data2, etc..

Finally he gives up in frustration and i forcibly grab the project and finish it using Quanta Plus (the awesomest semi-wysiwyg editor in the world) from the kde camp.

final output of the project is a set of personalized forms that are emailed through the php email function to our faxserver software and subsequently recieved by the target in beautiful printable format. no mikeyshaft required!

i love linux, particularly Suse!!


social security privatization

Dear Senators Levin and Stabenow, Representative Schwarz:

I'm paying social security tax, my parents are to retire in 7 years, and my grandparents are on social security. Please don't allow Dubya and his cronies to touch our social security just because the Saudis, Halliburton, OPEC, and the Carlyle Group are funding THEIR retirement!

Make sure the red-staters keep their noses clean and their grubby mitts out of america's pocketbook as far as using Public funds for partisan ad campaigns. tell them to get the money from the Bin Ladens, if it's so important, I'm sure they'll be glad to help.

And Give my best to Reverend Ashcroft, as he departs the governmental pulpit he has held to return to his home state where he LOST to a DEAD GUY!

Thank You!