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social security privatization

Dear Senators Levin and Stabenow, Representative Schwarz:

I'm paying social security tax, my parents are to retire in 7 years, and my grandparents are on social security. Please don't allow Dubya and his cronies to touch our social security just because the Saudis, Halliburton, OPEC, and the Carlyle Group are funding THEIR retirement!

Make sure the red-staters keep their noses clean and their grubby mitts out of america's pocketbook as far as using Public funds for partisan ad campaigns. tell them to get the money from the Bin Ladens, if it's so important, I'm sure they'll be glad to help.

And Give my best to Reverend Ashcroft, as he departs the governmental pulpit he has held to return to his home state where he LOST to a DEAD GUY!

Thank You!

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