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howl's moving castle

I dont know what to say about this except.. WOW! i was blown away yet again by the absolute finest eye candy ever to grace the silver screen...

Hauru no ugoku shiro(Howl's Moving Castle)

Usually Ebert is pretty good at calling a good movie.. but this time i will call it myself. He gave a lukewarm review of this one but i would give a frippth frippth frippth boiling hot * * * * * review of this one.

And even to the reviewers who shredded it as 'Un Miyazaki', Your reviews are Appreciated and accepted, but.


you're high L(o)L, may i interest you in some rehab and detox?

This film is _Very_ Miyazaki, and I'd have it no other way. He has full and unrestricted license to do whatever the thptt he wants! Hehehe. and of course Howl is thpanking the UnCredibles... I couldnt see the film because of the guy's HUGE CHIN and Horrid character design. Poor Walt is prolly dancing a whirly-jig in his pine box!

But then i'm not a very constructive reviewer of Studio Ghibli/TAKAHATA Isao/MIYAZAKI Hayao's and all their talented contemporaries' work, as I have yet to see one that doesnt bury the needle and blow my freekin mind away, each time in a completely new way with just enough eau de Ghibli to ... well theirs are the only works in that genre that are even remotely cross-comparable, and arguably(by me at least and at length ^_^' ) across all motion picture genres.

un (Notable PAUSE) REAL!


Mr Eisner, Siddown and watch Just One of Ghibli's pre-production concept films, and behold more talent than your teams coould dream of mustering on their own. Sorry, thats just the fact from the world of invader. I will, FWIW, give you full honors and brownie points for having the good sense to hook up with Tokuma/Ghibli to distribute their inimitable skill and subtle panache to the mindless masses in this parched landscape of Mainstream American Cart'Teewns.

Oh and a very 'last but not least' heartfelt kudo to HISAISHI Jo, the revered composer/scorer of most ghiblies! The hair on the back of my neck knocks the hat off my head when his sublime soundscapes lovingly grace my ears! This one is not as forceful as say a fine vintage Mononoke or as joyous as an aromatic boquet of Mimi, but is placid and smooth as a fine summer afternoon in a hammock with a good book.

So Mr Ebert, Please.
Continue [doffed hat bow]!

and Mr Miyazaki
I am yet again and as always, Moved!

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