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Brain Powerd

brain powerd. acquired it. watched it. loved it.

kanno yoko is pure aural genius. Art direction by director of his and her circumstances, brilliant! Aside from ghibli, best redheaded anime character design ever put to acetate (or whatever they put cels on ^_^` ). sorry nene youve been raped, pillaged, and sacked, romanov-style! funny/coinkidink your name is romanova, almost pre-destined to be tragically cast aside, like the other bearers of that name.. gomen-nasai.. kei unfortunately has been bumped off as well :'( . Giant robots that actively advance the story rather than just wave their arms about and say WOOK AT MEE im a GIANT ROBOT RARRRRR AHHHgundamCHOOO :/ (of course miyazaki-sama's GRs pioneered this concept of plot laden giant robots.. LOL )! More to follow..

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