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deceit in the rush to invade Iraq

Dear President Dubya,

My emphatic apologies for the follerin' big ol' words, If you need help readin' 'em, you can ask the Man in the Yellow Hat (Karl Rove) to read it to you.

No, NOT President Bush, Mr Bush! And you're a fair sight lucky to have THAT title (MR) at all, being the AWOL Deserter Pansy that you are!

Why, there was once a time in our great nation's history when DESERTERS were SHOT! oh how lucky you weren't born in the 19th century or we wouldnt be having this discussion.

Clinton and Cheney at least had the decency not to waste the military's time on your paperwork and enlistment registration and to get deferrals rather than to run away with your tail between their legs like you.

Anyways, I Digress.

You People WHINED and CRIED about Clinton lying about a blow job and now YOU'RE lying about BLOWING at your JOB. Clinton's BJ only hurt him and his family, YOU are damaging the ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD and making the US the butt of jokes the world over. Now, Fess Up and your punishment in the HAGUE might be more lenient!

President Bush must directly address the evidence in the Downing St. Memo of intelligence manipulation and public deceit in the rush to invade Iraq. We support Rep. Conyers’ letter of inquiry and demand answers to all its questions.

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