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day 1 TIFF,

Continuing from the music line in the last one.. as that was end of experience on Friday (3am)

I woke up this morning and got ready to head up to the manulife centre to get our online tix, and we stopped at a coffee shop for tea and crumpets LOL ROFL and I had a ]I[ shot espresso with the balance of a grande cup filled with colombia's blackest. there was a parade of !taoist taichi! people?! i dont know if taoist taichi day is a celebration of taoism ^_^ or taichi ? anyway that was cool.

Then i heard the loudest bassiest christian music.. jesus as lord of the rastafarians m0n hehe.. it was pretty cool.. but very loud. baptism by sound pressure/ excorcising the devil with heaven-high decibels. the jokes could be unending.. but i digress.

I am noticing some interesting philosophical constructions forming in my twisted mind...

people are very relaxed and chilled out about everything. dress code seems Very MrInvader Approved. they dress cleanly but tshirts and shorts and things are de jure. they seem not to have the stupid oldnavy aeropostale gotta be fashunable at the expense of poor 3rd world slave economies.. Actually, i have seen only one FuBu and one like DKNY shirt (third world exploiters) since ive been here and have seen many people. I have also seen NOOO big box stores lahk waul maurt (hill jack accent).

I have seen that Today is Taoist Tai-Chi day, and they had a parade in front of the coffee shop I was at this am for breakfast, and they had people of all ethnicities in front and a !bagpipe band! in the back. I walked a little over two blocks up to this large downtown park and there was a large like a jesus party with african-canadians and christian reggae.. oddest sight ive ever seen. My sense of canada is that canada is what the US could be if it really tried and quit being all corrupted and scoundrelous. If we stop voting according to fox news and started thinking about the health of the polity itsself, we would

I have seen Nothing but positives since I have been here. A lot of people out there know me to be very cynical and negative at times. but in light of current experiences in the last 11 hours, i am Rapidly seeing that it isnt that im negative, but out of place. I think i really am thinking canada is where i should be.

there is something i saw on the net in a joke site - jesusland )the red states( and The United States of Canada )everything not in jesusland. I think there is more credence to this than the joke person may have intended/thought.

Cheers, eh?! LOL.

oh, and they have a $1 Cdn coin. It's called the Loonie. guess whjat the two is... A Toonie!! Un Frippin Real! this country is Loonie about its Toonies!! LOLOLOLOLO FN L..


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Courtney said...

Glad you are liking it. You should wander around the west end of Queen St and Kensington Market area. Both of those are a lot of fun.