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day 0.5 TIFF,

We left after 4 on Fri for the filmfest. an uneventful trip to detroit terminated with the discovery that 75 is 275 south of detroit, north of the airport. 94 curves up actually closer to the ambassador than 75 appeared on the maps. so we missed the "75" exit and ended up doing ok anyway , actually a more efficient route. o for fortunate whoopses - silly putty, and 94 East LOLOLOL

We crossed the bridge over rubbled water (the detoilet river LOL).. the bridge WAYYY over the water. I digress.. it was cool. and very high. it is "Ma would prolly sit shotgun and end up laying the seat back" high.

The cultural changeover from detoilet to windsor was IMMEDIATELY noticeable. the signs are clearer to read from a distance. there were a few international gutbusters(mcd's toxicsmell rb's etc) but it was very clean and noncommercialized and very pro-the-canadian-worker. American corps will NEVER nafta to canada. but ya know, thats not a terrible thing maybe..

We got gas at a 'service centre' not a gas station, full serve, and the guy sez "sorry our gas prices are retarded.." i sez "well its better than your leadership being retarded..[potential faux pas recovery] ..i mean in our country our leadership is retarded.. i know nothing of canada's leadership...[grin roadvibrated whoops]" and we had a very satisfying high intellectual conversation about why hes glad to be canadian and why i had a wave of yeah it would definitely be cool to be canadian 'specially now with a drunken dumbya at the wheel.. the rest of the world DOES think we're politically skewed. whaddaya know..

the exits on the freeways are finite Can401 exit 347 348 350 352 vs 35A and 35B of i94/us23 fame, miles and miles of actually big sky.. [more expounding to follow]

We Drove for miles and miles at 100 somethings per hour.. unfortunately, SOMETHINGS was Kilometers. (100k/h =~ 60 mph). So it was about like nortwest ohio or pennsylvania except philly. and the landscape matches ohio as well. But then out of nowhere, Canada hits like a ton of hockeypucks. Toronto! Toronto has a buttload of things that are totally different. they have streetcars and a different "feel". very mom and poppy.

Toronto appears kinda like ann arbor, but with some very unostentatious commerciality, like corporate and local human in perfect harmony. the way it should be. like little 1800s buildings and like no name pita restaurants(the pita pit or triple d's) next to hancock tower and the ExecutivE Supper Club (said very hoity-toitily/poshly :) ). and the radio stations are .. unREaL. they have great music here in the great white north. the experience with the russian sassage cartsman... There appears to be just great people of all cultures in this country.. This guy aside from great hotdogs also had great advice/directions and was very friendly and uncommercial. the last paragraphs of day 1 post DEFINITELY apply.

more to follow :)

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