Public Service Announcement: DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER!!!! Definition: MySpace [Mai' thpathe] (pronounced with a lithp), N. - 1. A shrine to Terrible teener web programming, the worst M$ driven Web2.sl0 has to offer.


internet wasteland - dedicated to a small town i know of whose name will not be mentioned here....

Out here in the fields Out here in the field
I fought for my meals We shoot all our meals
I get my back into my living And vote for dubya around thanksgiving
I don't need to fight Dont want net tonight
To prove I'm right To book our flights
I don't need to be forgiven We Cant play Myst or Riven

Don't cry Dont try
Don't raise your eye To pass any bytes
It's only teenage wasteland This heres internet wasteland

Sally, take my hand Enuf git er dun man
Travel south crossland At the produce stand
Put out the fire stoke up th' fa'hr
And don't look past my shoulder cuz its gittin colder

The exodus is here The exodus is here
The happy ones are near To leave all the deer
Let's get together To have a chance
Before we get much older To Fill up our email folder

Teenage wasteland Internet wasteland
It's only teenage wasteland This heres internet wasteland
Teenage wasteland, oh yeah Internet wasteland, oh yeah
Teenage wasteland chicken feed in yer wastecan

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Mr Invader said...

some jackass advertiser left a buttload of messages, and i unflinchingly murdolized them. Sorry, i dont take spam lightly.