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tatu again

Preface: This opinion was formed long before i found out the bicurious controversy that they might be lesbians...

OMG these girls have lit a fire under the concept of 'pop''s dead ass!! not since the 80s has there been such powerful stuff. All that they call pop nowadays is just, well, lame background music.. i mean aside from select celine dion tracks, and what avril lavigne could be if she wasnt a milli vanilli fake.. granted avril is a big conflict for me.. i despise what she stands for but love her music.. shes a fraud and doesnt even play guitar for real.. but her tunes just lock with my brain.. and shes pure hot topic.. but i cant not listen and like..; she wouldnt know a THING about real punk. yet i cant stop listening to her stuff.. GRRR why cant her cds just suck black and whitely like bwitney thpeeohs (britney spears with a fwee yeah owd's lithp, overexaggerating stupid teenerism..) or trailer-Trashlee simpson who couldnt even arrange for the correct canned song to lip sync to (cant perform live to save her UV-Fried mall-cosmeticated skin - shes already got crows feet at ?! 21 !? ).

Now Julia and Elena, THEY can really sing and sing for real. i mean ' \ , , / \ , , / both-hands-in-the-air-must-not-be-able-to-hear-them-sing-live-anyway-'cause-the-crowd-is-going-NUTS' really sing!!! I think Sarah Brightman regularly gets that response... and Santana.. and from what little ive heard from her, janis joplin and joan jett could belt it out and get the audience to do anything!! hair bands too... but as far as power chix go, tatu, celine and sarah have the globe by its gnads and its adrenal glands! its like auditory d-crystal meth..

All About Us is the best english track ive heard in a long time..

take that ms. little-blondie-white-girl-with-a-mexican-name-and-a-big-ghetto-booty Christina Aguilera and that housekeeper-harlot jhey low!!!! you and all your cash cow cronies suck compared to tATu! Now go home to your record company bought mansions and O.D. on MDMA and Mad Dog!!

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