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blogger post bodies redux

GACK WTF?! why the hell arent my post bodies showing up when posted with opera anymore!!!??? SUCK S**t thru a Short Straw!!??!!

and i Refuse to not use opera.

I have found a workaround for the time being.. at the top of blogger sites there is usually a bar that allows you to search and has a button called BlogThis!. using the BlogThis button allows body and subject to post successfully.

Version 8.5
Build 1358
Platform Linux
System i686,
Qt library 3.3.4
Java Java Runtime Environment installed
Browser identification

Opera/8.5 (X11; Linux i686; U; en)

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Impossible Jane said...

Thanks for the tip about the BLog This Button. It works great. I sent a complaint to Blogger about not being able to work in Opera so we'll see! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers, Jane