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Islamophobic Remarks of Virgil Goode(R Va)

In response to the Islamophobic Remarks of Virgil Goode(R Va), a 10-year member of the lower House of Representatives from the southern state of Virginia, about the decision of Keith Ellison(D MN), an African-American who last month became the first Muslim elected to the US Congress to swear on the qu'ran when he takes office...

Welcome to the North American Trailer Park, where "with liberty and justice for all" means white pentecostal looneys only. ya know what? first they call the bible the livin' werd o' GAHHHD and then they say its just a tradition with no meaning; if you try to change it youre Having A Political Agenda. No, Mr Ellison is Not having any more of an agenda than putting the REASON one oaths on a bible.. it is a statement that what you are about to promise is not just to the people in attendance but to God Himself, whatever you may construe Him/Her to be.

Mr Ellison, You be what and whoever your inner flame prompts you to be, always keep the best interests of your constituents at heart, and be true to what you believe in with pure intentions and just actions. God, Allah, Iehovah, they are all the same being. If you worship one, you worship them all. Go with your honor.

Mr Goode, you are welcome to your opinion, but if it isnt positive and constructive, Shut the ---- up. Go back to your one room shack with a potbelly stove and your aunt-mom and grandpa-dad! We don't need your ignorant bigoted kind in our government.

If swearing on the bible is "just a tradition", then you have no respect for the act or the bible. If you have no respect for the bible, then you cannot be offended by swearing on the qu'ran. If you are you are a hypocrite. If you have no respect for the bible or for the act, then your word as spoken in the oath of office isn't worth anything and you have no reason to be anything but a deceptive crook. shame on you for defiling your own oath by attacking this man.

Its your kind that have destroyed the progress made since world war one - nay, since the first Americans arrived from Europe to escape the flagrant theocracy of the crown at the time.

Its your kind that makes people despise politicians.

Its your kind that will bear responsibility for future terrorist attacks on our country.

It is your kind that preaches small government and spending reductions, but had a huge hardon to pi** 90 Bi Bbb BILLION dollars down a hole in a country that NEVER ATTACKED US. This, yet your people cant find One Bearded Terrorist with liver issues who managed those who DID attack us.

Go find a run down barn somewhere in West Virginiatucky, Get your whole head in front of both barrels, and save the planet from one more theocrat. Sheesh!

We talk about Iran being crazy and deranged... This is our best effort at being that way. wait til the story about him and the paperboy in the back room with Jesus Juice breaks! or some such.

Sorry about my rant but people like Goode just make me see red!! The difference between Goode and Evil? Not Flippin Much, Ill Tell Ya!

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