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South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford...

...would rather "pay down his state's budget shortfall"(probably boost his own state bennies chipped away during 8 years of Harken Oil leadership as president) than educate children or help his unemployed... typical disagreeable white man.

I like what this person said....

Captain Governor, the ship is sinking . . .

Posted by J Smithson, Pawleys - Friday, March 13, 2009 at 9:45 p.m.

Captain Sanford, the ship is sinking. And rather than accept life jackets to save the citizens onboard, the proud Captain Sanford proudly refuses any assistance so that our brave captain can look good for his photo op when he runs for president. "Oh captain, my captain," save the women and children at least! Oh, to clarify this request, save all the women and children please, not just the rich Republican ones. If you are afraid of debt (as your letter of explanation states), why were you not afraid during your 2 terms, as captain governor, to let the debt run up?

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