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i tried a tamarillo

i just ate a tamarillo... they... are a little gross for me. but hey. trying new things is a gamble. you may not like what you tried this time, but theres always next time!

I made and have been making, for the past few weeks, a big azz salad. i took a handful of spinach and put it in a bowl. then i put table pickled peppers, red cabbage shreds, tomato basil feta cheese, and dried tomatoes on. i drizzled a little olive oil and a little more balsamic vinegar on it. then repeat the cycle for 2-4 layers. that was MUUCH better!

I tried starfruit a while ago. that was really good. I tried chipotle tabasco on fried eggs. kicked my A$$! hell yeah i love it. I like just about everything. just not brussels sprouts, and apparently i dont like tamarillos either :). althoug i'd prolly like brussels sprouts if they were home grown...

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