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our fair city

Hi world!

City of adrian really has issues... they sure do like to make money, even at the expense of downtown businesses. Hyett-Palma, a downtown revitalization firm ( was contracted to draw up a plan or the downtown area using input from the local businesses. The first thing out at the first meeting was the parking meters. They HAVE to go. Partially for the employees, and mostly for the customers. Second thing was for the jerk of a building inspector to .. go AWAY!

Well the building inspector "decided to go into private contracting".. Sure.. Dont let the door smack ya in tha arse on the way out, eh?(He got shitecanned!)

Thats all fine and good for the second request.. but get this. first request at ALL meetings with H-P, meters, they took a very unique approach. They ..
ganked all the 2 hr meters and left the 10hr meters.
they set the 10hr meters to !25cts/hr.
They made the newly de-metered areas 3 hr 'free' parking.
They made the ticket fine go from 2 to 10 dollars
they gave arbitrary decision rights to the meter ... enforcer.. to decide if someone has been there more than 3 hrs..
...And to decide if the parked car belongs to an employee.

Thats right. The employees are f%^$ed in adrian. If you want to work in the downtown and try to help to bring business to the downtown area, you gots to PAY! Even though your employer pays CITY TAXES.. The employee gets to PAy Taxes to be allowed to park.

Not only that, the parking lots are falling apart, the curbs at the street are decaying and people have actually gotten hurt. does the city give a s%$t? NO

I quote Mr Brown when threatened with legal action: "They already tried to sue us for this sort of thing and WE WON. so DONT even think about it!"

"New blood joins city hall
And quikly she’s subdued..."

We have a downtown development director position in our city. The person that currently occupies it is new. the last one quit because she wasnt allowed to do anything. This one was bright eyed and bushy tailed when she forst came to work for the city. She was talking to a friend who owns a business down the street from my employer, and had great ideas that made sense to everyone that heard them. And not just far fetched pipe dreams, real workable plans to rejuvenate downtown adrian. She was sure she could get them implemented.

"Through constant pain disgrace
The young DDA Director learns their rules"

Well she showed up last july nearly in tears and noticeably haggard. She learned that she was only there to fill a job. Nothing gets done, even simple stuff, without City Administrator George Brown's approval..

"Deprived of all her thoughts
The young dir struggles on and on she’s known"

At this point, the only thing changed on the business front, We've lost a comic shop that we've had for nearly 25 years, a comic shop that i bought garbage pail kids from when I was 12.. I am 28. This hurts. Why? because our city administrator doesnt gove a s^$% about anyone but himself and his crooked cronies.

Thats all for now..

a curse upon he and they!

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