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according to some people..

....Whose opinions i respect immensely.

Hi from the land of idiotic server reloads!

I think I figured out something about myself...

Re: Why I build watches to state the time..

When I was young, like 12 or less (since then they save themselves the headache and give me the whole answer) , I was always given "because I said so" or "just because" or whatever, when told to do something.. I always violently hated that with a passion, like being told "You're too little or not smart enough.. you wouldnt understand", or the like.

I always despised being told I was incurably incapable of doing something or understanding something just because of age or experience, or the dreaded "just because". I hate that to this day.

So as a compensation for that; In defiant rebellion of that; I refuse to do these things to others because I hated being treated that way myself. Doing so would go against the core programming that defines Who Charles Thomas Houghtby IV Is.

This is why I always say things like "I dont care how old/young you are you're still capable of X Y or Z, I mean, c'mon.. My grandpa Creager is eightyX and he can do it, and I was doing these things at four, so anyone is capable of doing it" when someone says "I cant learn this because I am too old/young for that". In fact I get upset For the person when they say it.

This is also why I get irate when people denigrate their own intelligence or position importance at work.

I don't mean to ramble but check my pulse if ever I don't.

tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. tick. ...
There. Wrap THAT watch around your wrist and time an egg with it! :)

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