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religious freaks really bug the sH*t outta me..


zomg wtfbbq!?!??!!1!?

Anyone who knows me knows that religious freaks, especially politically mobilized religiocrites like pat robertson, jerry fartwell, and bob jones university ppl, and most pentecostals/CHARISMAtics really bug the sH*t outta me..

same with taliban class muslims (which are nowhere NEAR as prevalent per capita as christianazis are..)..

and how i always say that the louder a religious zealot yells about how america is goin' t' hell because of decayed morality and women/minority suffrage and homu'sexuals... the likelihood of corruption and hypocrisy goes up at least in kind and then some...

and how what i 've been saying was 6 years ago considered ludicrous ramblings of a prejudiced ideologue... but now i am being vindicated..

well heres a lovely bit of evidence that supports the sanity of my sayings..

Ted Haggard: Another Demon In Deacon's Clothes

accused of gay liaison, haggard slinks off to his boyfriend..

Now. dont think this post is a knock on gay/lesbian ppl.. trust me, i share views with kinky friedman. "They have every right to be just as miserable as the rest of us". I am neither gay nor homophobic, and would not care who someone loves, be they same or opposite sex. Who this is pointed at are the nutjob hypocrites im always skewering. the ones who say that homosexuality is evil and a sin and oh theres a fine piece of ass... excuse me im gonna go git me some man-gina.. (prances off)..

so the next time some holyroller freak tells me im gonna go to hell, im gonna start laughing my ass off, while very obviously covering it with my hands and say sorrry my ass is a one way street buddy.. go find a pentecostal to pay for sex.


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