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RIP Aunt C! you will be missed more than words convey.

My aunt was eating the great prime rib at a restaurant in Toledo (I know, I had it, it is absolutely melt in your mouth :) ) and choked on a piece. As far as we know [see end of this paragraph!!]someone was there doing the Heimlich on her almost immediately but it wouldn't come out. she was without oxygen for approximately 20mins, and her EEG shows no activity above the brain stem, so effectively, I just came up short one aunt.

[We are now sure someone was working on her immediately. To the Proprietor of this restaurant - No hard feelings. thanks for making her life and last few minutes better - we all appreciate all you do!]

The gist of this is that EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE. should know how to perform basic first aid. if nothing else, restaurant first aid, such as the Heimlich. NO EXCUSES!

So, Go! Go sign up for classes at your local Red Cross or Community College. Learn the materials like your life depends on it. Practice the movements, and make sure you're familiar with them, because one day it could be your family member/friend that is airway obstructed, and time is CRITICAL! There are even methods to perform it on yourself.

GET training from professionals at - find a chapter near you.
ask a nurse or physician where classes are held.

Here are some links to information - these are only a refresher; the only way to be truly capable is with training from a certified instructor.

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