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Auto Company Buyouts:

Auto Company Buyouts:

It's perfectly ok to aid those companies who use American labor at a living wage, to produce product that's environmentally and economically responsible.

However, to those companies who get themselves in a jam by specializing in vehicles that take two parking spaces and have fuel consumption ratings in Gallons Per Mile,
--No Soup For YOU!!--

To those who manufacture their vehicles in CHINA or other human rights trampling tin-pot dictatorships, while Americans sit in the union hall or unemployment line or worse,
--No Soup For You!!--

Each vehicle component that is made or assembled overseas when there is labor and reasonable manufacturing capacity (skilled workers) to make it HERE, shall lose Double the us market value in Buyout Bucks.

For Example, A headlamp envelope made in the land of Chairman Mao for a vehicle that costs Joe The Plumber $200 to replace will be $400*the number of vehicles it's installed on. If there are 300000 Vibes made this year with this headlight assembly, thats $400*300000=$120,000,000 in buyout bucks that will be put into a fund to reward American job creation. If contractual agreements are made to remedy this within 3 years of buyout, waive the penalty and help facilitate this change. China won't see one more cent from any company that receives corporate welfare.

It should be considered embezzlement to hand out or receive golden parachutes while the company has it's hand out to the taxpayers for a bailout and is cutting wages, pensions, healthcare, and jobs. Go Corrupt? Your leadership goes for 30 years hard in Sing Sing F--- me in the A-- Prison - General Population with a Friendly(hehe) bunkmate.

...And no more coddling companies on fuel efficiency standards. If Honda can meet these standards with 70% of each vehicle made in the 'states, the Big 3 (2?) have _NO_ excuse!

Just a thought.

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