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In order to fund healthcare

In order to fund healthcare,

Tax the following:
prepackaged shredded Iceberg lettuce
Compact Industrial Iceberg Shredders
(Yes, I am going directly after the cholesterol clogged testicles of McD, BK, the 'Bell, and all other health destroying fast food places which will cost healthcare bigtime..)
people making over $700,000(who should be eligible for this healthcare btw)
moving violations
gas guzzler SUVs owned by households of one or two people.

Oh and tariff the **** out of companies that export our jobs and import melamine milk, leaded toys, and shitty tinfoil cars. Basically Wal*Mart becomes TariffMart!

Bring the troops home, or start wantonly pumping oil out of IRAQ.

Award defense contracts to _ethical_ companies.
Contractor commits gouging, ethics violations or corrupt acts? Lose your contract and your leadership goes for 30 years hard in Sing Sing F--- me in the A-- Prison - General Population with a Friendly(hehe) bunkmate.
(Yep I'm gonna have Swedish Halliburton Balls for Breakfast.)

Punish companies who make it corporate policy to screw their employees and destroy other local businesses. Tax their leadership. Ultimately, a screwed employee is a burden on the taxpayers in food stamps, childcare, and medicaid. It becomes a double whammy when the employee makes such crappy pay as not to have to pay taxes themselves due to being under poverty level. If as a faith based nonprofit you do this to your people while your leadership makes hundreds of thousands or more? you lose your 501c3 status.
Awwh, Sam Walton's kids might have to forgo one less Astin Martin each this year to pay the screw your employees fine, and the Prayse Jaysus Nursing Home gets new leadership or gets the chair. [violins play a sad waah waah story tune]

People who don't work or at least try to find work are to receive no benefits. no more of this "sit on your butt and draw welfare" garbage! If I'm going to pay taxes to support your dead a**, abuse will be treated as garden variety theft or fraud! its Sing Sing for you too!

There are other places to find money for this, but these are the ones kicking around my head right now. And spend not one dime of this revenue stream on anything BUT healthcare!

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